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Soft loop handle bags

  • We supply both Stocked and costumed plastic bags
  • Taking orders from all areas of Iran and Asia and Europe
  • Packzy offers a wide variety of in stock Plastic Retail Bags, Shopping Bags and Merchandise
  • Bags for a wide range of packaging uses in retail applications،clothing, shoes and food
  • Soft loop handle bags serve multi purposes aside from their stylish looks. The expandable bottom gusset and the soft loop handles, one on each side of the bag, keep contents secured during travel. We recommend using these bags when you want to increase stability, reduce movement and avoid breakage.
  • These bags keeps the goods inside it safe till the customers get to their destination
  • We provide a wide collection soft loop handle bags with different sizes and colors.
  • these bags can be produced in two types with gusset and without gusset
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