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Side gusset pouches

Product description

  • These pouches are strong, durable and dependable.
  • We supply both Stocked and costumed pouches.
  • We can pack any type of products including: foods, bread, rice, vegetables, pasta, tea, coffee, cereals, bakery mixes, baby foods, sugar, salt, spices, sauces, snack nut, pet food, flours, protein powders, cosmetic and beauty products, dried fruits, organic foods, fertilizers, chemicals…
  • We offer custom printing option for all pouches
  • We take orders from all areas of Iran and Asia and Europe
  • These bags have gussets on their sides and have a flat bottom that gives more stability to their structure.
  • The main advantage that side gusset has over standard packaging options is its ability to package twice the amount of product in the same space. This means huge cost savings on packaging, as it will consume a less material to store the equivalent amount of product.
  • We provide a wide collection side gusset pouches with different sizes, colors and materials.

Side gusset pouches can be offered in the following types :


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Black
  • Other Colors

One side clear

  • Clear/Blue
  • Clear/ Green
  • Clear/ Matt Gold
  • Clear/Shiny Silver


  • White paper 
  • Brown paper 
  • Other colors paper 
  • Kraft
  • Clear
  • Metalize
  • PA
  • PS
  • laminated filmes


  • Rectangle window
  • Oval window
  • circle window



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