Company’s profile

Packzy is a superior manufacturer of pouches and bags. All items are manufactured in a modern and automated factory in Iran the Qazvin province in city of Arasanj.
With Head office in Tehran and many sales offices in all over Iran. Our company aims to provide high quality services to customers inside and outside of the country.
Packzy utilizes state of art machinery, top-quality and environmentally friendly materials for its entire manufacturing processes.
Our passionate and skilled staff take into consideration the latest trends in the packaging industry and they strive to supply customers with high quality and well designed products. We take into consideration different aspects of customer’s need and support them in all the stages from conceptual brief and graphic design till final production and product delivery.

Company’s philosophy

  •  Our packaging solutions will ensure that goods ordered by the customers, are protected and preserved in the best possible way during the entire process from packaging stage in our factory until to products are delivered to the end user.
  •   We regard packaging a form of art and take into consideration aesthetic design in product packaging.
  •  With offering well designed packaging solutions we are highly committed to promote customers goods in the best possible way and set them apart from its competitor’s products.
  •  Regardless of the amount of business’s budget, packzy will be able to offer them a practical solution that suits it.
  • protecting the environment
    • Going green: Using biodegradable material for our packaging solution will lead to less negative impact on the environment.
    • High level of wastage is one of the worst global issues, packzy tries to tackle this global issues with suggesting packaging solution that leads to reduction of wastage.
  • We put great effort in to making a balance between the mentioned criteria. Even when these criteria contradict each other, we will make a compromise and will be able to offer a practical solution.

Market Sectors

Packzy provides superior flexible packaging to customers within the following market sectors: Food, Beverage, Medical and Pharmaceutical products, Industrial goods, Health and Beauty products, Household products, Nutritional and Supplement products, Retail and Pet Food products.

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